Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yellow, Yellow, Kissed A Fellow

The Green Room is the guest room for now. The Yellow Room is the nursery. Kid #1 will start in the Yellow Room, but once Kid #2 comes, Kid #1 will transfer to the Green Room. I’ve got to have a plan!
Most people hear me say “Yellow Room” and picture a bright yellow color. It’s actually a dull yellow. The color “Raffia” has another cool name. The color changes when it’s in natural light, or artificial light. I like it best in natural.

The Yellow Room is the smallest room in the house. It’s not too small. I grew up in a smaller room, but compared to the others, it’s smaller. My idea for this room was to have two twin beds. I felt having two beds would make the room feel bigger. You can’t fit two beds in a small room, can you?
Courtesy - Pottery Barn Teen

I researched different ways to arrange the beds, and I came across Pottery Barn’s twin bed set.
Courtesy - Pottery Barn Teen

This bed set has two twin beds with a console joining them. I loved the idea but not the price tag. $2300 for the set. I was going to start saving my pennies now.
I then started thinking how to turn this into a DIY project. It was going to take work, but I could do it. The DIY post for this project will be posted tomorrow.

The theme for this room is Nautical. Mr. JCrew and I love pictures of water. It’s very calming. I found lots of boat/water posters off They are awesome! You can find so much stuff. They can turn the poster into a painting or can frame the poster for you.
I found a poster of ships called “On the Winds.” I found the frame at Hobby Lobby and made it the focal point in the room.

Sticking with the nautical theme, my favorite store, Pottery Barn, had a shelf that was so different. PB also had buoys and lanterns that gave me an idea. Usually Hobby Lobby has items that mimic PB. I found buoys and lanterns that were almost the same.

PB had this wire ship I fell in love with. Hobby Lobby did not have anything similar, so I bought the PB Ship.

I got the quilts from Pottery Barn too. They are the Kasey quilts. I got the matching bumper for the crib so it is all tied together.

This room is a favorite among guests. The plan is to keep the baby in his or her crib when he/she comes in August! And the hard nights when I need to stay with the baby, I’ve got a bed to sleep on!
I can’t wait to meet Little JCrew!!
In this room:
Beds: Made by me
World Globe: Pottery Barn
Buoys: Pottery Barn
Ship window clock: Pottery Barn
Ship Poster: – “On the Winds”
Ship Poster Frame: Hobby Lobby (23.5" x 35.5")
Bookcases: Target - Carson 3-Shelf (48" Tall)
Comforters: Pottery Barn – Kasey (Navy)
Wire Ship: Pottery Barn

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  1. love that first twin bed picture of the white beds. love that room. so great


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