Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Love Green

When it comes to kid rooms, I like a grown up look. My mom had that influence on me. My room as a kid was mature. I didn’t have pink walls or chandelier. I did, however, have a rainbow comforter for my crib.  As I got older, my colors were muted and down-to-earth. My mom wouldn’t allow us to hang posters or anything that was a fad. Although, my collection of Nutcrackers, Dreamcicles, and Pointe Shoes took over my room. Every year I was given another piece to add to my collection.


I may not have liked that my mom wouldn’t let us do the things other kids were doing, but I’m appreciative of it now. I don’t plan on letting my kids hang posters in their rooms. But that’s a plan and who knows if I stick with it. I will let them add their own touch to the room, but there will be guidelines.
When we first picked out colors for the spare bedrooms, I chose a neutral yellow and green. I was going after something that could work for a kid room and grow with them. I have found out that it’s easier to change the color of the pillows than it is to change the color of the walls.

Shades of Green
If you had ever visited my condo, you knew my favorite color for the home was green. So, naturally I picked a green for Bedroom #1. I chose Bedroom #1 to be the first room I populated. It can be seen from the hallway first. I wanted something to look at each time I walked to my bedroom.
green room to the right

I chose the color for this room to be green. Surprise! But I went with a green I hadn’t used before. It was a cool pea green.  When I saw this picture, I was in love.
Inspiration room

I found a green pretty similar, called “Terrarium.” I love the names they pick for crayons and paint. It’s partially why I pick the color too!

After the room was painted, it received its new name… the Green Room.
Terrarium Paint Color
When my grandmother passed away, I got her bedroom furniture.  I love it. The headboard is just like a bookcase. The dresser and chest of drawers match and I put them side-by-side. I tried different arrangements to the room and this looked best.

I needed a location for the TV console that my parents gave me when I first moved into my condo. I remember it as a kid and loved it. We put it into the green room and put my beloved PlayMobil DollHouse on top of it.

PlayMobil Dollhouse

I used the white coverlet I had since I was in high school to cover this bed. This coverlet went missing when I moved from FL to AL. I was so upset that the movers lost it. I honestly thought they used it as a packing blanket. I went through all my boxes and still couldn’t find it. I still don’t remember where I found it, but it was packed away good. I think it was inside something else.

The bedskirt was also from my high school days. I liked the white coverlet, but if this was going to be a kid’s room, white would soon turn to grey, blue, red, green… whatever color was used that day for crafts.
So, I went quilt hunting. My grandmother on my mom’s side was a seamstress. She always told my mom that the details made the outfit. You should care about the buttons as much as you did the pattern. The quilt was my button of the room and I wanted something in particular.

I found kid quilts at Pottery Barn Kids that I fell in love with. The Madras Quilt (PBK) was perfect. With a new quilt came a new bedskirt that I found at Bed Bath and Beyond for $7. Even the cashier was in shock over the deal. It was originally $60.

This room needed artwork. I found a long and narrow poster at Hobby Lobby that I cut into three pieces and framed them. It worked nicely.

I had this shelf that I wanted to use, but the wood color did not match. Plus it was a color of wood I did not like. I then, took stain I had and lightly stained it.
I like it so much better now.

Next idea I have carries over from the three pictures clustered together. I currently had a branch hanging over the headboard. This once was popular, but I feel it’s dating the room and looking a little funky. I found Crate and Barrel’s Symmetry Set and wanted to find a place for it. The actual prints are quite large, so I thought of making it a DIY project and scaling it down.
Courtesy - Crate & Barrel

I ended up making the prints and loving them! For 1/8th the price, too. Although the room is currently not used, I at least catch a glimpse of it as I walk by. Sometimes I make an excuse to fold my laundry in there, just to admire.
In This Room:
Bedroom furniture: Grandmother’s hand-me-downs
TV Stand: Parent’s hand-me-down
Quilt: Pottery Barn – Madrid (Full-size)
Pillowcases: White (JCPenney), Clay (Bed, Bath & Beyond)
Artwork: Hobby Lobby poster
Frames: Hobby Lobby (10x12)
Other Artwork: Childhood collections

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