Friday, April 15, 2011

Twin Beds DIY

The Yellow Room bed idea came from Pottery Barn. I love the idea but not the price tag.
Courtesy - Pottery Barn Teen

Here comes the DIY project. I found twin bookcase beds at Walmart for $130 a piece. The beds have a bookcase headboard and two drawers underneath. Since this is a smaller room, the more storage space, the better.

We positioned the beds to be where the headboards touch. This left a gap that wasn’t accessible. I left this gap open for a while until I could figure out how I wanted to join them without making it permanent.

I took the measurements of the gap left by the beds and headed to Lowe’s for a big piece of wood. I bought a big piece of nice oak and some molding pieces. The board was ¾ inch thick and the molding is an inch thick.

The board would rest on top of the headboards. The moulding would be a decorative touch to easily transition from the board over the edge of the headboard.

I used my circular saw to cut the wood to size. My dad has a cool table saw that I could cut pieces of molding at an angle.

The twin beds were an expresso finish. To match the look, I chose a paint, not a stain, to put on the wood top and molding. The paint was such a deep brown. I love it and it matched perfectly. We then covered it with a clear coat to give it some shine and help match the beds.

Just laying the board on the headboards wouldn’t work. The back corner of the board would droop. We used four inch by 2 inch wood and anchored it on the studs in the wall. This gave a platform for the board to sit on.

We cut an angle off the one corner of the top to give a place for cords to hide. The TV would find a new home on the top board and the cords would be able to escape through the cut out.

I’m still so excited about this project. Instead of costing $2300 for just the furniture and without shipping, I was able to spend $650 including the mattresses and supplies. Mr. JCrew was happy about the cost savings, too.

In This Post:
Twin beds: Walmart
Mattresses: Costco
Sheets: Target – Tan
Comforters: Pottery Barn – Kasey (Navy)
Pillows: Target
World Globe: Pottery Barn
Wood: Lowes, Oak
Molding: Lowes
Paint: Sherwin Williams, brown in Satin

In July of 2013, we changed the paint color of Little JCrew's room. See details here. 


  1. very impressive. can't wait to see it in person. love it

  2. i know this is an older post :) But what an awesome idea! found your blog via pinterest, love this room!

    1. Thank you, Anne! We are in the process of moving and sold this unit! Some teen girls now have it set up in their new room. I'll be building something new for my boys to share in the new house. Can't wait!

  3. What are the length of these from corner to the end of the bed?

    1. It is about 116 inches on one side of the "L." The other side is about 8 inches shorter.

  4. can't find the beds anywhere. help!

    1. Here is the link to the bed we purchased... Walmart

      It has obviously risen in price since we bought ours in 2009. And it now comes in many shades.

      Hope this helps you!

  5. Hi Lindsey. 1 side of kids room the length just 119 only . Do you think it's will fit with this bed ? Just want to make sure it's will fit before i buy it. Please let me know as soon as you can. Thank you so much

    1. Vicky, Hello! At 119", I don't think this bed configuration will work. One twin bed alone will work, but you need to add space for the corner piece, and that requires you to add the width of the bed to get the total length.


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