Monday, April 18, 2011

Propellers On The Wall?!?

The coolest part of the yellow room are the boat propellers I hung. My dad had his own shop called, Sterling Propeller, where he repaired boat propellers. When I was younger I asked for a propeller and he gave me a small white one that I hung on to. It’s the one you see on the shelf with the buoys currently in the Yellow Room. But as we were helping my parents move, I came across two big, silver propellers of my dad’s. I knew then, I wanted to incorporate them into the room.

I originally was just going to hang the propellers on the wall by themselves, but Mom had a good suggestion… frame them. My first thought was how funny it would look. But I found shadowbox frames that would work. They are 12 inch square frames that have a black cloth back to it.

I found seven inch bolts and bought anchors to fit.
7 inch bolt - We cut a slit in the head so we could use screwdriver

Toggle Bolt

I have a special toggle attachment to drill a big hole in the wall for big anchors. I used this to drill the holes.

Before drilling, I measured where I wanted the propellers to go. I knew I wanted to put them over the bookcase, so I measured the height and width of the bookcase. I wanted the frames to be close enough they almost touched. I gently outlined the frames in pencil and marked the center. Then the drilling began.
Anchors are so weird to me. I’ve always had a hard time figuring them out. The anchors that come with a shelf, I usually don’t use. I bought a 100-pack and have used it for everything; except the really heavy stuff. And propellers are heavy. The pack even comes with it's own drill bit!

The anchor I chose for this project was new to me. Trick was, the bolt had to be long enough so that when inserted in the wall, the wings would clear the drywall and pop out. That’s not the hard part. The hard part is then tightening the anchor so that it moves up the bolt and does what it’s supposed to do. Key is to pull the bolt towards you as far as it will go. It should not come back out of the wall. Once you have it pulled, you can then start turning it. The point of pulling the bolt is so the wings touch the inside of the drywall and have a grip so they won’t turn when you start turning the bolt.
Anchoring the bolt is difficult enough, but we had to already have the propeller on the bolt along with the backing of the frame. This was definitely a two-person job.
The finished product is awesome. Just awesome! It’s definitely an eye catcher and something people don’t see often. And it sticks with our nautical theme.

In this project:
Propellers: Provided by Dad
12inch square shadowbox frames: Hobby Lobby (black)
Bolts: Home Depot (7 inch)
Anchors: Home Depot (toggle bolt)

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