Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fountain Grass

Not everyone’s yard has utility boxes in it, but we were the lucky ones to have a set on each side. Our neighborhood has underground utilities (which I think are fabulous,) but the down side is that we have these beautiful boxes sitting in our yards!

I’ve seen others in the neighborhood disguise their boxes with plants. There are rules to hiding these boxes with bushes. One side has to remain open so that workers can access the boxes. Plus, you have to hand-dig the holes (using small shovels) that are 18 inches away from the boxes.
One set of boxes in our yard is covered with Sunny knockout roses. You’ve seen them here. I love them, but the only drawback is that they lose their leaves in the winter, so there is not hiding the boxes for a couple months out of the year.

Sunny Knockouts in February
The other box was much bigger, making the plant search geared towards taller plants. There was one house that had fountain grass around their utility box and I absolutely fell in love with the look.
I went out in search of this certain grass and found it at a local nursery.

After first planting them

You’ve got to be careful! This grass will slice your skin. You don’t even realize it when it happens.
In the winter, this grass goes dormant. There are beautiful plumes in the fall.

In January/February timeframe, it’s time to cut the grass down to about a foot high.

Winter Trimming
This exposes my utility box, but it’s only temporary. The grass grew so much when it came back.

And it seems to be coming back even bigger this year. I love how it sways in the wind.

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