Friday, November 15, 2013

I Love You, Kates

If you follow Little JCrew's development, you'd know that we work really hard with his speech and then don't see results until weeks/months later.

We always tell him, "Please," "Thank You," and "I Love You." We have not heard those things back. Just last week he started using, "Please" and I can't say, "No" to him. He told me, "Hose. Please" and I let him play with the hose outside.

When I tell him I love him, I look him in the eyes and hope that he knows what I am saying. I'm happy to report that he knows. The first person he ever uttered those words to, was his precious puppy, Kates! Yup, that's right. He was loving on all the dogs yesterday and when he got to her, he leaned down, hugged her and said, "I love you, Kates." It was adorable.

I don't blame him for loving her. She's a cute puppy and she makes us all feel loved. What's not to love about her?

He's also learned some new things from his classmates at school. Last weekend we had to hear his fake laugh every day. Not only was this a loud laugh meant to drown out anyone else who is simultaneously laughing, but his hand goes up to cover his mouth. I can't help but laugh along with him.

Last Saturday, we raked the leaves in the front yard. I grew up in a Pine Tree forest, so all I ever did was rake the needles into the flowerbed. It was my lazy attempt at raking leaves. I didn't want to bag them. Little did I know that I was providing mulch!

Little JCrew was timid about jumping in the leaves, but then he saw me and we couldn't enjoy it enough.

It's rare to see him smile so big!

I think we are going to have a hard battle with cabin fever this Winter. The boys love to play outside so much, they won't accept the excuse that it's too cold outside. We just have to bundle them up.

We hope you all have a great weekend!!

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