Friday, November 8, 2013

Our Butterfly

On Wednesday, when I picked Little JCrew up from school, I hit a butterfly with my car. I don't remember this tragic moment, but Little JCrew found the butterfly on my car when we got home.

We took the butterfly inside to get him distracted. He was in love. He talked to the butterfly and blew on it.

I pointed to its antenna and it moved! I thought it was dead!

We then put the butterfly outside so that we could watch it get better and fly off when it was ready.

When Mr. Brigglesworth woke up from his nap, he was curious about the butterfly.

He even picked it up!

I made him put it back down, and he decided he wanted to move on if he couldn't hold it.

But by moving on, that meant crawling over the butterfly and putting his knee on it.

Our butterfly did not make it. But thanks to Little JCrew for finding him and caring for him.

I love my sweet boys!

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