Monday, November 4, 2013

Addition to the Current House

Two weeks ago, I shared the floorplan that I would use if I were to build me “dream house.” The idea of a dream house comes from two situations: I have a desire to have more children, and a desire to take care of my parents and in-laws.

Taking in my parents is not a problem in our current house, but it would mean that a third child would not really have a place to sleep.

Floor 1 Bedrooms

So, I toyed around with more ideas to alter our current house. Keeping my parents on the main floor, I would give them our Master Suite. This meant, I needed to create a new Master Suite. Our attic has plenty of room!

Master Suite Floor 1

Upstairs we currently have a bedroom and a bath. We could easily make this our master suite. It’s not a problem. We’d just lose the playroom that it currently is.

Current Upstairs

That option is fine, but my creative juices were going. I added a bedroom and a closet upstairs. The bathroom would not be directly connecting to the bedroom, but you could access it through the closet.

There are several layouts that have you go through a closet before you reach the bathroom, so this did not sound like a bad idea.

During the addition, I would change the roofline, too!

East Side - Master Bedroom Windows

I’d add windows to the playroom. Turn the existing closet into a hallway. Convert more attic space into storage space.

My estimate for the addition is around $50,000-60,000. Cheaper than building a new house. However, we’d have to look into the construction of the house to see if the structure on the first floor would support the second. I think it would, but we’d need an actual architect/draftsman to confirm. (I just play one on the blog!)

West Side of House

It doesn’t fix the issue of a longer driveway, but there are ways to think outside the box on that one.

Hope you’ve had fun looking at my floorplans. I can come back with more if you want. I always think it’s fun to work with floorplans. I remember it being my favorite assignment in my middle school shop class. 

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