Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Last night there was some crazy weather, but not too soon before we could walk down a couple houses.

It was so cute to see the boys walking with their buckets.

We had their pajamas on, but we started getting trick-or-treaters in the rain, so we set out to go to a couple houses for the experience.

Luckily, last Saturday the neighborhood had a kids party. The boys got to dress up for that.

The boys didn't know what to think of some of the costumes. Little JCrew was a puppy, and Mr. Brigglesworth was a bat (Little JCrew's costume from last year).

Little JCrew's friend, Max, dressed up as Mickey Mouse. He loved it.

Little JCrew always likes to get food from Miss Jessica. He doesn't want the food I have for him, he wants hers.

We tried to get a group picture, but the kids were everywhere.

All of our neighborhood friends were there, and it was great to get the kids together.

Then Little JCrew discovered the piano.

I let him play and he loved it.

Mr. Brigglesworth even tried to join in.

I sure hope the boys continue to love the piano.

That is the one instrument I would love them to play. Reminds me, it's time to start teaching Little JCrew!

I haven't yet seen if there was damage from last night's storm, but I think our area is okay. I hope everyone else around town is. Have a great weekend. Welcome, November!!!

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