Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Black Cat Pumpkin

Little JCrew loves all things orange, and he knows about pumpkins, so this is his current favorite time of year.

The first time we were in a store and saw the orange pumpkins, we got one. Then we got another.

I decided to paint one black. The intention is to paint it like a cat for Halloween, and then repaint it for Thanksgiving.

I used the black paint I had on hand from an earlier project (I never throw away paint!)

I used my craft white paint to paint on the cat face. Bad idea.

It decided to rain two days later and the face melted off.

Back to my original plan of using the Kilz primer. That stuff will stay on in the rain.

And it has. Now the cat face it back to normal.

It's cute. It goes along well with my ghosts made out of milk jugs from a few years ago.

Ha, I'm not the best artist, but it came out decent..

That's as crafty as we got this Halloween. I hope everyone and their kids have a safe holiday

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