Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Appliance Moving

Alright (in the words of Mr. Brigglesworth)...

I have a house update. I wish it was exciting news, but it's not. I have come to the realization that our housing market is not so hot right now. To all my fellow in-town friends, now is not the time to sell... but it is the time to buy!

Remember when I said pricing our house was the hardest part we were still unsure of? Well, it was our only pitfall. We have had no showings. We've received advise from realtors and they say the only thing wrong is our price. I was so nervous to sell it low, and then to wonder if we sold it too cheaply. But that won't be the issue. We are competing with new construction and they are able to build cheaper than our builder could build back in 2008. The kicker... all that was considered fancy upgrades to us, is now a standard!

So, we've reduced our price to what we bought it for (no upgrades). And because we are doing that, I am looking at everything in my house that I could take with me to a new one. Even those plantation shutters!

I removed my fancy light switch that I love. I don't think the new buyer will appreciate it as much as I do.

And my gas stove was the first thing to be removed. When my mom and dad built their house, I paid for their upgrade to a gas stove. Once they closed on the house, we switched appliances. I got the gas, she got the electric.

I really enjoyed the gas stove and wanted to keep it. So, we switched them back to the original owners this past Sunday.

Mr. JCrew's dad came to help.

I needed to remove the gas stove before potential buyers thought it was what they were getting. Switching electric and gas means having to cut off the gas to the house and capping it off when not using it.

The electric stove helps draws your attention away from the fact there is no backsplash.

It now kind of feels like a new appliance to me.

Once we build, we will transfer the gas stove that is now in Mom's house to the new house and will buy an electric range to put into her house before selling it.

That's not the only appliance that will be replaced. We bought a nice dishwasher over the summer and sold our loud and small old one. We are also going to take the new dishwasher with us! I know it's starting to sound silly, but we can buy a new replacement dishwasher for $180. That's not even looking on craigslist or yard sale sites. The new dishwasher is only 6 months old, and I love it!

And if you look closely at the kitchen cabinets, you'll notice I already switched out the cabinet knobs to the original ones. They were never my style, and I wouldn't use them in a newer house, so I put them back on. It beats having to take them off and soak them to clean them had I used them the last five years. They look brand new and feel new to me!

So, at least some upgrades I did I can take with me. The upgrades I did won't get me any value in selling them, so I might as well. Helps with the costs in the new house as well.

Anything else I should take with me?

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