Monday, October 7, 2013

Living Room Window Treatments

Immediately after installing the shutters in the dining room and falling in love with them, I looked at where else I could put them.

The living room and dining room open up to each other, so having matching window treatments would be cohesive.

I told David, I’d most likely be calling him in a year to get the living room shutters and he laughed.

I had fixed the living room curtains a while back to make them look better.

I had them hanging from rings, but didn’t use enough. I found more and got them to hang the edges of the curtains.

The curtains were the same color as the couch; a muddied green. I liked them, a lot. And they also hid the cord coming down from the TV.

But the new shutters would be gorgeous. I wanted them exactly like the ones from the dining room.

Little JCrew and Mr. Brigglesworth helped me take down the curtains and blinds.

Without window treatments, the room already felt much larger.

And they again, exceed my expectations.

I’m in love. I fell in love when I saw them from the outside and thought they were still just as beautiful.

It opened up the room like I thought it would. They are the same four and a half inch louvers so they obstruct less of your view. While we are at home, the louvers are open.

When night falls, we close the bottom half so that no one can see us moving around inside or being bums on the couch.

I really like having that option. I didn't realize the benefits they had. Besides looking pretty, they are great at keeping the heat/cold out and they are a great sound barrier! There is an HVAC unit outside Mr. Brigglesworth's window, and the second you close the shutters, you barely hear it compared to when they are open!

I wasn’t sure how fancy they would look without the wainscoting that the dining room has, but I still love them.

This is the first upgrade that I had really fallen hard for. It’s something I envisioned, that I had not seen done and I feel like it is totally me. I didn’t settle for something that was kind of it. This IS it. 

On my "to-do" list for the living room, I had on there that I wanted to paint the mantel and change out the fireplace surround. But now that I have the shutters up, the mantel and surround blend into the room and I like it. Painting it now, would make them stand out, and that's not what I am going for. 


  1. I can't blame you for loving this window treatment; it really looks great – inside and out. A window treatment is truly beneficial as it serves as protection for the windows and furniture --- against UV rays, privacy for the homeowners, and aesthetics for the overall appeal of a room. >> Li Ayers @ Renewal by Andersen®

    1. Thank you, Li. I agree, window treatments are an accessory you can't forget. And it's even better when they have additional benefits such as noise reduction and light blocking.


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