Thursday, October 3, 2013

How I Feel About the Government Shutdown

The town I live in is a Government town. We are centered around an Army base. We also are a home for NASA. Fifty-percent of our population works for the government (more civilians than active duty). The rest are all directly or in-directly supporting those who support the government.

I usually keep to myself my opinions. I listen to others whether they are right or wrong. I can always learn from someone. But this week, I have been so tempted to voice my opinion and once I do, I regret hitting that “Post” button. Everyone has an opinion and they are voicing it. I didn’t want to be part of that population. I see many level-headed people keeping their mouths shut. I wish I could stay collected like that.

But what boils my blood is when people are so head-strong in their opinion. Some people make things up and other people listen to them! They have convincing arguments and their audience hears what they want to hear.

My stance:

1. There is a lot of government waste. The government has been great to create jobs within itself to help the nation, but when it comes to slimming down, those positions are the first to go. Job growth should occur on the private sector side, where the demand is. I do support NASA, because they are the government's form of their own Research and Development team.

2. There are many over-valued players. I do not see what makes someone so valuable that they can be paid three-times more than their worth. Some might say they got lucky and were rewarded.

3. We need to be a more giving nation. It is much more rewarding to give than to receive. Our government is trying to help the needy. Some people abuse the system, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that there are those that need help. Those against forced-giving want to give on their own terms. But our nation has become greedy and when not forced to give, they pocket it for themselves.

4. America should continue to support those working for it. My Project Office has a team overseas supporting the war-fighter. Having less people in the office, means there are less of us calling over there asking for an update. They can get more work done! Those that are protecting our country are still working.

5. Reward contributors and producers. At the same time as being a giving nation, we need to incentivize those willing to work and produce. We can’t get to the point where we take people’s drive away.

I do believe a lot of change needs to take place. If I understand correctly, the law in the middle of this argument was not brought into law in the correct way. Those that are fighting against it are trying to correct what happened back in 2009.

Basically, there needs to be a compromise on both sides. I do have a glimpse of the feeling that is going on. I had jury-duty on a high profile case back in August. When the case was handed to the jury, there was a clearly divided line. Both sides fought for their side. No one would budge on their stance. I left for the day exhausted! I slept on it and prayed a lot. I took a step back and listened the next day. Some members began to state what they would compromise for. Nothing matched though. We left for lunch that day thinking we had a hung jury. We respected each other’s opinions and grew compassionate. We came back and agreed on a solution! It was not what everyone originally wanted, but it was a compromise!!

I credit my marriage to Mr. JCrew for how I learned to compromise. I was a head-strong girl (haha, still am!) Opposites attract and Mr. JCrew is my complete opposite and he’s head-strong, too! With our marriage, I’ve learned when sticking my heels in the ground doesn’t work. It only makes things worse. If it’s not life-threatening, I let it go. Sometimes he gets his way. Sometimes I get my way. But most of the time, we compromise.

Marriage isn’t easy. Running the nation isn’t easy. Our representatives need to make their “marriage” work. Our nation is so diverse, that it’s impossible to make everyone happy. But we can be happy knowing our opinion was heard and considered. I think that’s what it all boils down to. Seeing the officials in charge not listening fuels the anger. Citizens want to be heard and know the decisions made took a lot of consideration.

I don’t like that the shutdown will eventually affect those that really need it. I wish no one had to rely on the government for help, but I think our nation hasn’t done a good job at providing opportunities for people to help themselves. We can’t give up on our nation. We are a great country that needs repair.

- Lindsay

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