Monday, September 30, 2013

A Walk Through the Yard - Year 5

This is one of those ho-hum posts about plants that are written for the interest of the JCrew grandparents. Hi, Nana!! On the flip side…landscaping is one of those things that might not be easy or quick or interesting but it sure does help the look of your exterior.

I’m sure I look like a dork when I take my camera outside and take pictures of my
yard, but I’m so glad I do. So many things have changed! My favorite part is remembering how little something was and then looking at it now.

The Teddy Bear Magnolias were the first trees we planted. We called them our love ferns. We planted them the weekend Mr. JCrew separated from the Air Force and moved home.
Teddy Bear Magnolia - April 2009

Teddy Bear Magnolia - September 2013
The Dwarf Buford Hollies in the front are finally joining together to make a hedge.

Holly Bushes - 2009

September 2013

The Ivory Silk Lilac is my favorite tree in the yard. Along with the Parson's Juniper that filled in underneath it.

I wanted to share with you also the hidden views that are overlooked.

The boys and I spend a lot of time outside in our backyard. It's fun for all of us and you get to see things in a way the outsider can't. These two trees create an "entry" into the yard that I love.

The crepe myrtles are doing their thing. They are at the height that I wanted, creating more privacy.

I always love coming through the gate and walking under them.

The Eagleston Holly's are growing fast! They, too, create great privacy!

The porch has a nice "homey" feel to it. The Jackson Vine keeps growing!

Tea Olive's are my favorite. When the weather is between 60-70 degrees, they give off this awesome aroma. I just wish I had planted them closer to the porch!

The Eastern Redbud is growing. 

Seems like it is still small, but when you look at the first time we got it, you quickly realize the growth.

Redbud on far right.

That’s just a look at things that have been around the longest. Of course there are others, but they are in their beginning phases. Kinda cool to see what we started with and where it is now!

Maybe I do have a green thumb after all.

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