Friday, September 27, 2013

Someone Is Almost One

Mr. Brigglesworth is coming up on his first birthday!

It does feel weird that I am not pregnant for this milestone like I was for Little JCrew's. I didn't feel like I should be pregnant for his second birthday, back in August. Weird!

Mr. Brigglesworth is one of the sweetest babies. Both of my boys are very tender-hearted. Mr. Brigglesworth gets a lot of bruises, and Little JCrew is always right there to ask, "Are you okay?" Sweetest love!

Mr. Brigglesworth is a Momma's boy, and I am to blame. Little JCrew is a Daddy's boy and I wanted one of my own. Sure enough, the kid is attached. But I still love that lump on my hip that is there 12 hours a day while I'm trying to load the washing machine.

If you walk past him, he melts into tears. He'd rather you offer your hand to come walking with you.

Mr. Brigglesworth and Little JCrew have changed so much in the last few months, that I'm excited to see what else will be changing this year. Those brains of theirs are soaking up EVERYTHING!

It's really hard to grasp my babies are growing up. I keep catching myself watching them sleep.

I hope you have a great weekend! My UCF Knights are playing South Carolina on Saturday at 12:00 EST on ABC nationally!!!! I will definitely be watching. Thank goodness it will be nap time! I'm so proud of my school!

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