Wednesday, September 25, 2013

That Wife

Lots of laughs yesterday. What I was laughing at was not the same thing the bank teller was laughing at. I didn’t realize this until an hour later when I told Mr. JCrew the story. :/

We had a lot of unscheduled purchases over the weekend, so on Monday, I was balancing the books. I noticed a purchase that I had to call Mr. JCrew about. I couldn’t remember, and he couldn’t remember.

We all know Mr. JCrew’s memory is not his best characteristic. (He admits it; I’m not throwing him under the bus.) I’m biased towards him, so I give him the excuse that he has so much going on between work, school and family, that there is no way he can keep it all straight. He appreciates my excuse. Me, on the other hand, I have a photographic memory. It’s a really cool thing that I use a lot. It goes along with my number relationships. Playing the silly games with numbers helps me remember them, too!

But this mysterious purchase was not made by me. I found no receipt. I asked Mr. JCrew to run through his daily events of the date in question. There was nothing out of the ordinary. He didn’t go to soccer practice because he was feeling bad, so neither one of us left the house that evening. And it was “grocery-bill” high and we could not figure it out. The description for the payment only had the city and state. No other detail as to where this purchase was. No address, nothing.

So, I call the bank to see if they had that little piece of information I was missing. He was able to see it was the eye doctor. YES! Mr. JCrew went to the eye doctor that day during lunch! I totally forgot. My photographic memory couldn’t help me there.

I joked with the bank teller saying that was great and all was fine. He did go to the eye doctor that day and I remember him telling me they sold him into buying new glasses (after he told me he was going to be tough and not buy new ones). We never make large purchases when we are not with each other so I couldn’t figure out what this was for. We laughed and I thanked him.

When I was telling Mr. JCrew about the solved mystery, he was laughing, too. He said the eye doctor even called him on Tuesday to say when his glasses would be ready, and that STILL did not jog his memory that the glasses were the purchase in question! Then Mr. JCrew brought it to my attention. The bank teller was not laughing with me on my thought of how relieved I was. He was laughing because I was THAT wife. The wife who sees a mysterious charge on her husband’s card (not hers) and wonders what her husband is up to. He thought I was trying to catch my husband!! Oh, gosh! That was not my intent at all. I laughed even more thinking that was probably what the guy was laughing at. Mr. JCrew knows I’m a sleuth and I find things out.

And I’m still laughing. Maybe I should have been an FBI agent. That would be fun!  

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