Friday, April 25, 2014

Family Visit 2014

The main reason we traveled to Florida at the beginning of the month, was to have the entire immediate family get together to celebrate Dad's life. Not everyone could travel up to Alabama back in February. It's hard to get such a large group together. There are five siblings and seven grandchildren.

Two of those grandchildren are in their twenties and have lives of their own.

The other three grandchildren, are in middle school and high school and have lives, too!

I'm just happy we could get together.

We met up at my sister's house and carivan'd to the cemetery.

We went to my brother's grave.

We then each took our turn pouring a small cup of Dad's ashes into the hole at my brother's grave. Even Little JCrew wanted to take a turn.

It was a nice time to reflect. We have lost two great male's in our family. Ones that we loved greater than we thought we could ever love.

While at the cemetery, we took pictures of the entire family together. Seize the moment.

And after our quiet time, we went on to Sonny's BBQ to eat dinner. Dad loved that place.

I was so glad we could get together again. Little JCrew has loved seeing his family so much. He has grown to love "the girls" and wants to do everything they do.

Even through difficult times, I really have enjoyed seeing my family so much. There's just nothing better.


  1. Oh, this made me tear up. What a sad but sweet moment for your family. I'm glad you could all get together to celebrate your dad's life!

    1. Thanks, Blakeley! I love my family!

      I can't wait to hear about your 1/2 marathon!!

  2. looks like it was a wonderful time. so glad you were all able to be together and celebrate your dad's live. precious pictures. love you

    1. Thank you, J! It was a wonderful time. Love you, too!


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