Friday, May 2, 2014

A Wreath for Wayne

The title is a tongue twister!

Wayne is a co-worker of mine. His gate has a shuffle to it and he keeps to himself. Every time I see him in the hall, he smiles warmly and we exchange greetings. I try to say a little more than the usual and he will talk if you get him going. Yet, through all our exchanges, I have never asked his name. I never knew until Wednesday. He went by, Wayne.

When my dad was getting sicker, I looked at Wayne envisioning my dad. They were both ill, but they hid it from us. They didn't want us to know about their suffering. My smiles to him became warmer as he reminded me of my dad.

When my dad passed away, seeing Wayne in the hallway at work made my heart hurt. I'd fake a smile just to get past him before the tears came. After a few weeks, I was able to talk to Wayne again.

This Monday and Tuesday, we had severe weather in the area and did not go into work at all Tuesday. When we returned to work Wednesday, we were hit with horrible news. Wayne passed away. However, not knowing his name, I did not know that this was the man that reminded me of my dad. But the ache grew inside my heart knowing it was him. I hadn't seen him all day. I asked around for someone to give me a description of Wayne. Finally, someone did and I dreaded the answer. "He had a shuffle to his walk." That was him! I cried at my desk. Tears just flowed.

I now have Wayne to take care of my dad in Heaven. I know they will get along and have a lot of stories to share.

I came home to tell Mr. JCrew about Wayne passing. He remembered me telling him of the man in the halls that reminded me of dad and I couldn't look at him without crying. I went to work Thursday feeling okay. Everyone at work went to the memorial service on Thursday. I looked down at my shirt to realize I was wearing the same shirt I wore to my dad's memorial service. Coincidence?

When I left work Thursday evening, I caught a glimpse of something. When I actually turned to look, it was a wreath of flowers hanging on the handicap sign where Wayne parked his white truck. I cried again.

Here I am crying over a man I barely knew, yet he was someone special. He reminded me of Dad.


You and Wayne take care of each other! I know you are both healed and enjoying a much better life in Heaven. I can't wait to see you again.


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