Monday, May 5, 2014

Visiting Nana and Boppa

On our ten-hour drive to Florida, we stopped at Nana and Boppa’s house around lunch time.

The boys were excited to get out of their carseats and stretch their legs. We had been in the car 5.5 hours by then and they were good sports. Just as we were about to pull in the driveway, they fell asleep.

I was impressed Little JCrew held his bladder the whole time. I put a diaper on him, just in case, but he watered Nana’s bushes after he knocked on the door.

He went right up to Nana and gave her a big hug!

He showed her is pajamas. (We had a wardrobe change)

Boppa was out on a errand run when we arrived, but once he walked in the door, Little JCrew ran and jumped into his arms.

Mr. Brigglesworth was in the background. He was acting shy.

After an hour, we got back on the road. Luckily, the drive wasn’t far to get to town. Little JCrew again, held his bladder until we were 0.25 mile from our exit and he yelled, “Potty!”

I was nervous for the return trip. The boys now knew what a long car ride felt like and I was afraid they would protest. However, they didn’t!

Little Jcrew did fuss at one time, and I don’t know why. We offered him everything that only temporarily made him happy. They only thing I can think of is that he had to use the restroom, but didn’t tell us directly.

We stopped at Nana and Boppa’s again on the way back to Alabama.

This time we got to see Aunt Mary, her husband and son, too! A neighborhood dog was also there visiting. The boys enjoyed the dog and found a stuffed dog to ride, too!

I really appreciate Nana and Boppa allowing us to take our driving breaks with them. Two little boys can be a handful when you are accustomed to peace and quiet, but they seemed to embrace it!

Look at Nana with her legs propped up in the chair!

It’s just a reminder that we need to get over to Georgia more often!

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