Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Visiting Old Friends - Florida

Our time in Florida was short, but we squeezed a lot in. We visited my sister’s farm, sent a whole day with family, and then had another day to spend with friends.

I have two sets of friends back home that I keep in touch with regularly. The oldest friends date back to church/elementary school. Lindy and Jill were my friends from church. We did so much together growing up. I switched schools in fifth grade, and Lindy was in my new class and made the transition so easy! That is where I met my friend, Jessica. I can remember going to Jessica’s house and we would create drawings on the computer and print them out. She had a color printer and I didn’t, so I thought that was the coolest thing. I also remember going to an old, old house that was a relative of Jessica’s. There was no A/C and it was such a neat experience. Lindy and I stayed close throughout high school. We both had separate extra-curricular activities that kept us busy, but it helped us relate. We had no time to get involved with school clicks, or drama. We just stuck together and had a great time in high school. In fifth grade I told Lindy she would be in the 1996 Olympics for gymnastics. She was THAT good and even her daughters are now gymnasts. But she left gymnastics to go into track & field. She then got a track & field scholarship to college, so it was a good decision!

Well, Lindy, Jessica and I got together while I was in town. Jill just bought an AWESOME lake house, so she invited us over. It’s on the lake we grew up on. Some people had their main house on the lake, and some people just had lake houses they frequent in the summer (and sometimes winter.)

The set up was beautiful. The house was built to take in the gorgeous view!

Little Jcrew loved the sand.

He got right on in. The older kids pushed him around on a board. He liked that only for a little while.

Then he jumped on and off the tube. He thought the sand would be soft, but found out otherwise.

He also followed Jill’s son, Noah, out to the dock to go fishing. He wanted to be a big boy.

The kids did great playing with each other. They are older than my boys, but were so sweet with them.

I forgot Mr. Brigglesworth has yet to experience sand. He was not happy about it! He did not like it. But Jess didn't mind holding him.

Again, it took him a while to get comfortable, but once he was, he went right on in the house and played in the kids’ rooms.

Thank you Lindy, Jill and Jessica for meeting up with me!!! I always have a blast with y'all. We will definitely have to get together on all my trips home to Florida, and I will have to make my trips more frequent. I had so much fun! 

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