Friday, May 9, 2014

Visiting Dance Friends - Florida

While in Florida, I made time to visit some special friends. The first set date back to early childhood.

My second set of friends comes from my dance days. We spent many hours in the dance studio from elementary to college.

Kelly and I met first on our own at “Slightest Movement” dance studio. She and I locked together fast. Her parents were always moving. They’d get into a house, fix it up, then find a new one to fix up. Her parents also taught me about giving meaning to things. She had a dog named “Georgia.” Then they adopted another beautiful dog and they named him, “Clay.” This was in reference to Georgia Clay that I knew nothing about. I only knew of the sand/dirt in Florida.

Yes, I made sure to take a picture of Little JCrew playing in the dirt I grew up to know as dirt. Much different than the clay my children will learn about.

Kelly and I had many letters we wrote to each other. I still have them, too! I can’t part with the sweet memories.

Lindsey’s family and my family knew of each other before we were born, but we didn’t really get to know each other until middle school. We even had special spellings for our nicknames… she was Linz, I was Lins. Strange things we did!

Ashley and I are two peas in a pod. The more time I spend with her, the more I grow to love her. She is a special person. Very genuine. She opened up her home for us to visit together. Kelly now lives in another city, but was unable to come.

Ashley, Lindsey and I were all pregnant at the same time with our last babies. Mr. Brigglesworth came first, with Miles following exactly a month later, and Dawson following a month after Miles. They LOVED playing together!

Little JCrew grabbed the instruments and started a parade around the house.

We even got a picture of all the kids together! Didn’t think that would happen!

Ashley has been updating her house and is about to start an addition her husband designed. She knows how much I love that stuff, so she has been sharing with me all kinds of details. I can’t wait to see the updates and finished product. It will be gorgeous!!

I’m so happy we could all get together. I keep in touch with my Florida friends on Facebook, phone calls/texts and such, but I wanted our kids to meet!

We will definitely have to get together on all my trips home to Florida, and I will have to make my trips more frequent. I had so much fun! Thank you, ladies! I miss you already!

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