Monday, May 12, 2014


Mr. JCrew and I are Financial Peace University (FPU) graduates. One quote (of many) that I repeat from Dave Ramsey is, “Sell so much stuff, the kids think they are next!” This quote is in reference to selling what you don’t need in order to generate cash to pay off debts. We don’t have debt to pay off, but Mr. JCrew is eyeing everything that will be going into storage.

Since we will crash with my mom while a tenant is renting our place, we will have to put our things in storage. The first thing I sold was Little JCrew’s twin bed storage system. Once I knew that our buyer wouldn’t need/want it, I decided to list it. It went to a lady at church with teen girls. She is redoing their room, and the girls were so excited. I can’t wait to see pictures!

Next thing to go was the dining room table, TV wall-mount and the fridge. Those things are all staying with the house. The new owner bought them from us. The dining room table is the perfect size for the room. The TV wall-mount would be a pain to take down when the buyer would install his own, because he wanted his TV to be mounted over the fireplace too. His TV is 55” (ours is 52”) so, the wall-mount would work.

Most things I sold, I used an Online YardSale Facebook Page for my city. My county actually has quite a few Facebook Pages to sell things. There is a page for just kid things. That is a favorite of mine. It is similar to the consignment sales that occur twice a year, but you don’t have to wait for the sales to find things. I have pretty good luck with selling things. For some reason, I feel safer on Facebook than Craigslist. But when something doesn’t sell on Facebook, I then list it on Craigslist.

The next thing I sold were the white bookcases in the bonus room. I sold those for a third of the price I bought them for.

The couches in the Bonus Room were also put on the chopping block. A friend of ours was looking for new couches for their living room, so they wanted them. All they had to do was find a truck and come pick them up!

I tried to sell the PotteryBarn Kids rug. That was harder. I thought I could recoup the money I spent. It was a $565 rug that I got for $100 from a neighbor. I wasn’t so lucky. It is now in storage and we will use it in the new house.

The guest bedroom bed was sold using Craigslist. I tried to donate to a maternity house in town. It just so happened I was introduced to them that week and I felt a tug to give them the bed. When I called, they gave me a list of their needs, and a full-size bed was not one of them.

Mr. Jcrew had eyes on selling everything! He looked at the porch furniture and asked. I said, “No, I like those!” There are some things I know I like and could not find again if I tried. Those things are staying. I might could find them again, but not at the price that I scored them at. Mr. JCrew just doesn’t want to pay storage for everything.

Selling a house is a great time to do Spring cleaning. I have donated, thrown away and sold so many things! Mr. JCrew was nervous we wouldn’t fit everything in storage. Little does he remember, he is working with two ladies that know how to pack! It thrills us. It uses a part of your brain that gets you thinking outside the box.

Of course, I can’t sell everything; we wouldn’t have furniture to sit on if I did. But it is a great feeling to start living as a minimalist.


  1. Fun and exciting times
    a bit scraey too, i'm sure
    so excited for you guys
    glad you kept the rug :)

  2. i am trying to be better about updating and posting on my blog now

    1. Yay! I'm glad you're back to writing! I want to hear about camping!!


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