Monday, May 19, 2014


The first thing I packed were the décor on the walls. I have boxes and boxes of frames in storage now.

The good thing about a late closing is you have MONTHS to pack! I have been taking this slowly and I love the pace. We rented a storage unit when the size we wanted became available and we have been slowly filling it up.

Luckily, there is a storage unit 1-mile away. We can take a box or two on our way to work. Usually we take car loads on the weekend.

The coolest product I have found, also comes with a pricetag. Ziploc storage bags. You fill them, then take your vacuum hose to it to suck all the air out. I did all the bedding, pillows, clothes, and jackets like this. Even some extra towels and the shower curtains.

I was amazed. I didn’t need boxes for these items. I realized I needed it when I tried to put Little JCrew’s bed pillows in my largest box. Only four fit!

These bags can add up in expense. Costco had them on sale for the month of April. That turned out to be a good deal. I bought more than I planned for, because I knew I could find things to put in them.

Our storage unit is getting there. This picture was taken after I re-arranged. I had to show Mr. JCrew you could stack things to use the vertical space. As of this morning, there are even MORE things stacked high and the floor space remains open. Now I wish I had taken a picture. I think you'd be impressed. 

I dreaded packing, but stretching it out over time is helping. Another good thing with having time to pack, is I get to use my time to go through things before I pack them. If I was in a hurry, I’d be throwing things into a box without analyzing the need for it. If I no longer have a need, I am finding a new home for it.

I kind of like this activity called, packing. 

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