Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sleeping on the Floor

Once I sold the twin bed system, I moved Little JCrew to a mattress on the floor. He loved it. We had no problem.

Then I tried Mr. Brigglesworth in there. He wasn’t too fond. He was use to his room and he’d cry til I put him in there. But I knew in the back of my head, that our trip to Florida would be the perfect opportunity to introduce them to sleeping in the same room and different beds.

It was great. I only had to separate them at nap time.

Little JCrew had Simon the cat as a sleeping buddy.

Once we got back from Florida, Mr. Brigglesworth has been sleeping at night with Little JCrew on the floor. The boys love it! Without anything in the room, there is an echo. The boys wrestle on the mattresses and have found a new kind of fun.

Yes, the room is empty. This was the first room to become empty. Last weekend, we moved the bookcases to storage. The closet is still full, but that will be a last minute thing. I put away all clothes that I had that would be too big even a year from now. I vacuum-sealed those things. I tell ya, that is one of my favorite inventions!

Now the boys can even nap together. Little JCrew wakes up Mr. Brigglesworth, so at my mom’s house, they nap separate. But we now had to put the mattress on the floor at Mom’s house. He is use to that and no longer wanted to get in the crib at her house.

The cutest thing I love seeing is the boys open the door and just walk out after they have woken up. They have a new independence. I don’t have to come in to a crying baby! It is so nice!

Mr. JCrew and I are not yet sleeping on the floor. This weekend we will move our bed and Mom has loaned us her air mattress. Moving day, we will rent a truck to take it and other big items to storage.

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