Friday, May 23, 2014

These Boys Have My Heart

Happy Friday! I'm going to get back with the program and give family updates on Friday.

I am REALLY enjoying the current age of the boys. Mr. Brigglesworth is so full of personality. He definitely loves Little JCrew and mimics everything he does.

The above picture is from Mother's Day. These boys treated me right. They made me meals and made me a card. All I asked for was time to get things done around the house. My wish was granted. Thanks boys!

I love Mr. Briggleworth's expressions!

He has the cutest smirk and a beautiful smile that he uses to get his way!

After bath time, the boys love to wear their towels as capes and be Super Hero's!

This never gets old.

We introduced baseball to Little JCrew. We took him to a little league game and he loved it! It helped he had a friend on the field to watch, but we put a bat in his hand, and kept wanting to practice!

We also introduced basketball to him, and he's the same way. He keeps practicing over and over!

Washing our hands is a fun chore. I'll catch Little JCrew in there all by himself.

It's cute to hear the toilet flush and then the water running. He doesn't tell us he has to use the bathroom anymore, he just goes!

The belly holds him up and usually the legs are spread further out gripping the cabinets below. Too funny!

And speaking of bellies, Mr. Brigglesworth's belly gets hung up every time he tries to get down from something.

I always said I wanted to plant trees first in our yard, so that by the time we had kids, the trees were big enough to climb. Not all of them are, but the boys have had fun on the ones they can!

Mr. Brigglesworth gets a few inches off the ground, and then he's good.

Little JCrew just keeps climbing.

Oh, these boys keep me on my toes. For being such adventurous boys, they don't make me nervous. I am always surprised at what they do and I think it's fine. Never did I ever imagine I would be that way.

I always pictured having more than one boy, and I am so glad I do. I'm even more glad that I have them close together. They love each other and you can see that. Little JCrew wakes up before Mr. Brigglesworth, and he is so antsy to wake little bro up. They make each other laugh and cry. Little JCrew likes to tell Mr. Brigglesworth the correct answer when little bro gets it wrong!

Mr. Brigglesworth has caught on to MANY words. He says so many, and at times you don't know which kid is talking!

This really is such a fun age. My babies forever you will be!

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