Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Little JCrew Update

Little JCrew has turned into a "Yes" Man. There is still a lot of "No's" spoken, but at least he's polite about it.

His "No" is drawn out as he shakes his head and the palms of his hands toward you. It's usually followed by, "I cannot." And there are a lot of times I am told, "Don't do that." If a parent wants to hear how they sound, all they have to do is listen to their child. I hear all kinds of phrases I didn't know I said.

A controlling personality has appeared now that he is potty-trained. There is new empowerment in this skill. Mr. JCrew and I do a lot wrong and Little JCrew is always correcting us. He's lucky we find it cute right now. However, we've already had to step in and tell him he can't boss his parents around.

Little JCrew discovered Buzz Lightyear and it's actually how we got him potty-trained. He played with it at a friend's house and we told him if he pooped on the potty, we would go get him a Buzz. One early morning he used the potty and we went straight to the store to fulfill our promise. Forty-five dollars later, we were the new owners of a Buzz Lightyear. The most expensive toy I have purchased, but worth it to have a potty-trained child. Little JCrew then taught Buzz how to use the potty.

I love the Spider-Man underwear!!

Little JCrew is still a picky eater. He has his favorites and Mac & Cheese is not one of them! He cannot be my child! I lived on Macaroni and Cheese. But when he does have a favorite, he goes into feast mode.

The kid LOVES soccer and is good at it. He loves being active. He runs when we go outside and appears to never tire. We started putting a ball in front of him, and he has feet skills. It was me that put a ball in front of him when Mr. JCrew was not around, so there was no influence by the soccer player in the family.

He plays baseball and loves to hit the ball and pitch it. He's also great at encouraging others. When his friends play ball, he tells them, "Great job" and claps for them. They don't even have to hit the ball to get that kind of encouragement. He even does this for Mr. Brigglesworth.

Mr. Brigglesworth may be the little brother, but it's Little JCrew that is the pesky one. Little JCrew will naturally take things from Mr. Brigglesworth and a fight will break out. Mr. Brigglesworth is mellow most of the time, but if he really wanted that something brother took away, he'll fight for it.

Little JCrew is the opposite of Mr. Brigglesworth when it comes to interaction with his Daddy. Little JCrew thrives on Mr. JCrew's silliness and is energized by the chaos. When you get him laughing, it only makes you laugh with him.

At church we are told that Little JCrew really gets into story-time and the singing of songs. This didn't surprise us as we see him sing and dance at home, until we realized... he has an audience! This kid hams it up when eyes are watching him. Might have to introduce him to some performing arts.

I cannot believe Little JCrew will be 3 in less than 5 weeks. I couldn't imagine life without him. He makes me feel special when it is just him and me (once Dad is home, I'm minced meat). He gives the sweetest kisses and says, "I love you." It's not often, so I soak it up.

He's an awesome big brother and comforts Mr. Brigglesworth when he cries. My favorite phrase is, "Don't worry. I promise." Melt my heart!

Meeting Cousin Kyleigh

This Fall he starts the 3-year old program at school. I am very excited to see him grow and learn new things. He just amazes me. I am so thankful God chose me to be his momma. I'm the lucky one.

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