Monday, July 21, 2014

A Mr. Brigglesworth Update

My littlest man is such a blessing. He is his brother's biggest fan and he loves his momma.

Mr. JCrew has a hold on him, and Mr. Brigglesworth loves to get "roughed up" by his daddy.

The words Mr. Brigglesworth says are countless. He is speaking sentences and you can understand him! His nickname for Little JCrew sounds like "Yolks" or "Dilts." We know what it means and it is adorable.

He will chase Little JCrew around trying to offer him something. He loves to share because he loves when people share with him. Sometimes I have to tell Little JCrew to take what Mr. Briggleworth is offering even if he doesn't want it.

At night time, our house is like the Walton's. Mr. Brigglesworth has to say "goodnight" to everyone. "Goodnight, Kates! Goodnight, Jackson! Goodnight, Mimi. Goodnight, Anderson. Goodnight, "Dilts." Goodnight, "Bolby" (Colby). Goodnight, Momom." He goes to sleep easily and loves to sing "Happy Birthday" as a bedtime song. He'll always ask for more songs. He will say the Lord's Prayer before bed and it's pretty good. The words are not clear, but the pattern is right on.

As crazy as he was as a baby, he is becoming organized! He still plays with his cars and trucks very delicately and passionately. He will call out a truck from far away; even just hearing a big engine, he calls out "truck" and looks for it. He can even distinguish an airplane flying by. We have promised him a truck when he can drive.

He is still an introvert and plays well by himself. He prefers quiet rest time and finds Dad's silliness too extreme. We let his hair grow out and I love it. I was afraid growing it out would make his spiky hair stand out even further, but the spikes have calmed down and his hair lays flat.

He loves to eat and wants a "bite." He has four breakfast's each morning; his own, part of mine, part of Mr. JCrew's and part of Mimi's. And we wonder why we are hungry after we just ate.

He's not a runner, but he tries. He LOVES to be "outside" and look for trucks! "Here it comes" and "There it goes"  are favorite phrases.

His sweet spirit is still there and he loves to cuddle. He loves his favorite blanket and big bear hugs.

I love this little boy of mine, and am so glad God picked me to be his momma.

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  1. I kinda love him a lot too. he is one sweetie.


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