Friday, July 4, 2014

Eagleston Holly - Update

I have received a lot of questions and traffic about my Eagleston Holly. The last question asked for an update on them, so here it is. (Sidenote: We are in zone 7.)

I have two Eagleston Hollies. They were planted in a bed that originally had Dogwoods.

June 2014

Those dogwoods had no shade to survive, and I needed something that would be a screen for my neighbor's yard. Eagleston Holly is an evergreen, so during the winter, I have a constant screen. It really does aid in providing privacy.

June 2014

The leaves do shed twice a year, but it is not bad. They shed right before a new growth. The leaves have one "point" per leaf but it would not hurt if you were to step on it bare foot.

Leaf Detail

This winter we had snow that lasted more than a day. I tried to shake the snow off the branches of my trees, but the weight of the snow held them down. I did heavily trim my Eagleston Hollies this year because of that. I do trim them regularly so that they are encouraged to grow fuller.

It is definitely not a perfect tree meant to be a specimen, but it is a nice tree. Something very unique about it.

Thanks for all the questions and comments.

May 2014 after pruning. 

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