Friday, August 22, 2014

50 Years

Today would have been my parent's 50th wedding anniversary.


I think they are the cutest couple there ever was. They loved each other. I always said it was the perfect marriage.


My dad was a gentleman. I never saw my parents fight. I know they would stay up after the kids went to bed and talked things out, but they were a strong unit.

I have a hard time thinking about my mom's feelings today. I love Mr. JCrew so much and couldn't imagine life without him. Thinking about the day we married and how it was one of the happiest days to have found my soulmate and me united as one!

Our ACTUAL wedding photo - no dress needed.

Hopefully, I can keep us busy today so that we don't hurt so much. I don't want to NOT think about Dad, because I think of him everyday. But if I can lessen the hurt that is felt, I'd like to.

Today, Little JCrew gets to take a special birthday snack to school. I packed rice krispie treats. The teacher begged for no cupcakes. I'm glad she said something, because that was the first idea I had.

This morning we are meeting with our builder. We finally received our spec sheets that tells us how much money everything will costs. We're over budget, but the builder has some solutions he wants to go over with us.Have you ever heard of a builder that came in under budget??

Mr. JCrew has an afternoon class at school (might I mention this is his last semester!!!) and then we are headed to see his family. Little JCrew's 3rd birthday is on Sunday and we're keeping it simple with the birthday celebration. Last year was big and I declared no birthday would ever be that big again. It was fun, but I enjoy the time with family. That's how I remember birthday's growing up. Little does the family know, they will be dressing up for this party!!

Today will be a packed day, and with all that is going on, I'm pretty sure that's why I am up early. Continue to think of us today; my mom especially.

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