Friday, September 5, 2014

Little JCrew is Three

Two Sunday's ago was Little JCrew’s third birthday. I’ve been a mommy for three years! I provided a sneak peek last Friday of the materials I’d be using for his birthday celebration.

Last year’s celebration was over the top. It was fun and memorable. But during the preparation, I said I would not do a party that large again. I really did have fun planning and executing it, but I didn’t want to always have to provide that much for each birthday. Growing up, we had our neighbors over for homemade cake and ice cream. I loved those memories. I am all about creating memories with my kids.

So for this year’s birthday, we decided to have a party with just family. Mr. JCrew’s sister has a new house with a HUGE backyard that the kids enjoy. Everyone lives in her city, so it was easier for us to travel to them instead of everyone traveling to us.

And the sneak peek I provided were pirate bandanas and eye patches for our family members to wear. The boys love to play dress up. However, the dressing up didn’t happen. When we got to my sister-in-law’s house, I was missing a bag. It was a bag with the clothes, camera, drinks, candles and napkins. I apologize for the phone camera pictures ahead of time.

Little JCrew loves playing baseball with his cousin, Cole. Cole was sweet in teaching him how to catch the ball in a glove.

Little JCrew received a baseball glove from his grandparents, along with a bat.

Mr. JCrew’s grandparents sent over an Alphabet train.

This was a huge hit with Mr. Brigglesworth, too.

Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Derek gifted a Ninja Turtle Van. It was a hit and still is.

Mimi gifted a set of handbells. They are noisy, but the boys love them.We have them currently set up on the dresser. Little JCrew will walk by and stop to play 'Twinkle Twinkle' and then move on. It's really cute.

Mr. JCrew and I gave Little JCrew a Ninja Turtle Mask and Numb-chucks. Mr. Brigglesworth also got a set.

Little JCrew has asked us to dress up with him.

You might notice a Ninja Turtle theme. Since we took the boys to see the movie, Little JCrew talks about them a lot. Everything about them is cool.

Miss Claire showed Little JCrew around on the four-wheeler.

The cake had candles on it for my birthday and for Little JCrew‘s.

He started out trying to blow all of them out himself, but I helped him finish. Some of those candles were trick candles!

And he really enjoyed us singing to him. He loved that he finally had a birthday to celebrate.

I love this little boy of mine. Growing up so fast!

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