Friday, August 8, 2014

New House Lighting - Bought

I have had so much fun picking out the lighting in the new house. It is another way to add that much needed character I’m after.

My mind has changed many times, but I think I’ve narrowed it down quite well. Lighting can be quite expensive! Especially when the goal is to add character. I remember looking at updating the lighting in the bathroom and not wanting to pay $99 for 1 light. Luckily, I didn’t. Remember when I found them for $39? I bought several and replaced mine and my parents’ bathroom lights. I painted mine satin nickel and left theirs alone. I sold the old lights, so when we sold our house, I couldn’t take the new lights with us. However, I did still have my parents’ old lights, so I took their new ones down with intentions of using the new lights in the new house.

Because there are light deals out there that I stumble on, I have already purchased some of the lights. I know most builders don’t want you to do this because it takes away another area where they can gain profit, but if I can get a good deal on a light I want and get it before it is no longer available, then that’s what I will do. There are other areas I’m sure he can tag on the extra profit to.

  1. Francis Sconce – Pottery Barn website $79-149 
  2. Allen & Roth – Lowes $99 (no longer available)
  3. Pearson Flusmount – Pottery Barn website $199 
  4. Portfolio Litshire Outdoor Flushmount – Lowes – Website $40  
  5. Talbot Lantern – Pottery Barn website $250 no longer available
  6. Portfolio 6-Light Black Chandelier – Lowes – website - $79
  7. Econoswitch – Amazon – website - $40-50 
  8. Brayden Sconce – Lowes – website - $60

Above is a list of the lights that I have bought. THe description tells where in the house they will go, the number in () gives how many I will need, and the price in green is the TOTAL amount spent (not individual price). The list with the website info gives the individual price.

Lowes and Home Depot are great at providing lights that imitate the higher end models. One of those replicas I selected for the garage lights. Sea Gull has a higher end version for quadruple the amount. For one week back in July, Lowes had theirs on sale for $10 less than their list price of $60, so I bought the two that I needed.

I really like this light because of the glass above the light. It will allow light to come out at all angles. I don't look forward to them getting dirty, but if I only have two, that's not a bad chore to have.

The Pearson Flushmount was a flushmount that didn’t look like a boob. Ha! I had boob-type flushmounts in my house and they just weren’t my thing. Sometimes a flushmount is what you need, and I’m glad there are different shapes available. I liked the Pearson collection had a square-shaped globe to it and not a dome. 

"Boob" Flush Mount - Builder grade

 One day I was browsing the site and saw that the brushed nickel finish was on sale for $99. I thought $199 was way too high, but I know that Pottery Barn can run some good deals when they want to. I jumped right on it. Now they have other finishes on sale, but the lowest is $129. I struck a good deal.

All the other lights I have bought have also had some kind of discount applied to them. I do have a Lowes and Home Depot coupon for when we changed our address that expires this month, so I may be using that to purchase more lights at a discount! We’ll see!

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