Monday, September 29, 2014

Kitchen Sink

I mentioned when I explained the kitchen, that I was finally going to have a farmhouse sink.

I scanned this picture from a magazine YEARS ago (as you can tell). I hung that picture on my refrigerator to stare at every day. I loved the faucet, too. My mind has not changed these many years later. That sink will continue to be a love of mine (in the flesh).

When I really studied my floorplan, I noticed the sink did not line up with the range.

I knew this would bother me, so I decided to look into how to center it.

The sink was centered on the island, so maybe all it would take was to inch the island over a little so that the sink remained centered on the island and then the sink would also be centered with the range.

This felt much better to me.  This island itself would also be centered with the stove wall. The wall with the stove will be the only wall with a backsplash.

The wall with the fridge will have "Pantry" cabinets. It's so funny how I come up with ideas. I kind of know in general the direction I am going, but once I see a picture that helps relate my vision, I say, "That's it!" And that is what I said when I saw the picture below.

I might not necessarily copy the colors or everything about it, but as for the cabinets themselves and the wire on the door, that is it! I can already envision putting my cookbooks and wine glasses on the shelves; along with my mom's pottery, too. 

I hope you've had fun with me sharing all that goes on in my head. I'm so glad that I have kept a journal of thoughts. It's made the design process easier.


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