Monday, October 6, 2014

Mr. Brigglesworth is Two!

Mr. Brigglesworth turned two on Wednesday. We didn't celebrate it until Saturday with family, but we did do a few things special on his actual day.

Nana and Boppa sent a gift that we let him open that morning before breakfast.

It was a huge hit. Little JCrew also wanted to play with it.

Mr. Brigglesworth had a favorite page ... the train! He wouldn't let us turn the page to see what else was in the book.

On Saturday, we spent the morning watching the cousins play soccer and then we had lunch.

I forgot the most important bag for Little JCrew's birthday party, so we used the same theme for Mr. Brigglesworth's party so we could use the supplies. 

It was a pirate party!

In order to get a piece of cake, you had to dress like a pirate!

It worked.

Mr. Brigglesworth LOVES to sing "Happy Birthday." He was so excited to have it sung to him.

He didn't want to blow out the candles.

Little JCrew actually blew out the candles first, so we re-lit them and tried again.

We ended up helping him.

He was still happy!

Aunt Kelsey loves Mr. Brigglesworth.

She tossed him upside-down and he loved it.

Aunt Kelsey has a little one who loves Mr. JCrew.  She's beautiful.

Opening presents was a hit! Little JCrew and Cousin Claire helped unwrap the presents.

We did end up giving Little JCrew identical gifts because we have a lot of arguments.

Mimi actually gave Mr. Brigglesworth at least two toys Little JCrew already has so that he has his own.

Ninja Turtles are a big hit right now along with anything that has to do with construction. Grandpa J and Grandma Suzy gifted some turtles and some construction vehicles. He found some sand and went to town.

It's cute to see the boys grow up with their cousins. Little JCrew is older where Cousin Claire plays with him. She even used him as a human target.

One day, Mr. Brigglesworth will be old enough that the big kids take him in. I just still can't believe it's been two years. I remember his delivery very clearly still.

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