Monday, October 13, 2014

Interior Doors

I’m learning a lot in this building process. There are so many places to add character to a home, and some come with an expensive price tag. Throughout this building process, it has been my goal to make this home feel like it was built a century ago when a lot of thought when into a home design. Yet, at the same time, I enjoy the modern conveniences of air conditioning, washers and dryers and plumbing.

When it came to doors, they were the first thing that I thought brought instant character. Doors and doorknobs do it for me. I love the look of a doorknob with a long backplate.

The door itself can be many different styles. On this, I am not too picky. I like the shaker style.

I like traditional.

I like the craftsman.

I even like the beadboard.

However, I know the beadboard would grow old on me, so I am veering away from it. Although, I am instantly drawn to the craftsman door, my house is not the craftsman style and I fear I would regret choosing a style I only used on my doors.

However, I do like the craftsman door trim. I am not sure if I can use that style with a traditional style door.

When we met with the builder for our initial walk-thru of our wants, we mentioned that we would like solid-core interior doors. Our current house has hollow core interior doors. Hollow-core can be less expensive, but doesn’t feel solid and it lets more sound travel through. I could live with hollow-doors, but again, we were listing our wants.

The builder mentioned the cost that comes along with solid core doors. The price can be DOUBLE! We are all for saving money where it matters, so he gave us an alternative. We could splurge on solid-core doors for the bedrooms and use hollow-core for closets and such. That got instant approval from us.

We have a lot of storage spaces in the house, and the cost of solid-core doors would have added up on spaces where it didn’t matter.

Hopefully, this saving strategy can help someone else out as well.


  1. shaker for sure for me.
    i have dreamed of replacing all of our doors with those doors. love them

    1. I have always been drawn to the 5-panel shaker until I saw the price! They are coming down in price as they gain popularity.


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