Monday, October 20, 2014

Exterior Doors

Since I mentioned interior doors, I wanted to move on to the exterior doors of the house.

If you remember the original floorplan of the house, you’ll notice how many exterior doors it had planned.

15 Exterior Doors!

Those doors were immediately eliminated when I started revising the plan to fit our needs. I did not want to go around checking 10 doors at night to make sure they were locked. I like only having to check 2 (front and back)!

Of course, our new plan is nothing like the original we started with. I intend to only share pieces of the home for the safety of my family.
In the new house, there are 4 exterior doors. The front door is designed on the floorplan to have sidelights. I’ve steered away from sidelights for safety reasons of someone breaking the glass and easily reaching the doorknob. But I also like the idea of letting more natural light come in.

To remain with privacy, I’ve selected a solid door. It won’t let light in, but it will add security.

The side porch serves as my mom’s entry for her visitors to use.

Because that door does not look directly into a room, I am wanting to let it be a door with a window in it.

I am particular about the looks of it. I love my friend, Ashley’s door. I would take that design in a heartbeat!

I am still undecided on making the glass seeded or clear. That will probably be a decision I make at the last minute and go with it.

The back doors that come off the family room are double French doors. I want those to be as unobstructed as possible. They will provide a great view of the backyard.

I am kind of picky on the style of this door as well. I found a great set for a great price at Lowes.

While browsing in a local HomeDepot, I did stumble across a set of Anderson French Doors that were a return item. Instead of being $3000+ they were marked down to $1775. They are beautiful! But the doors I’ve selected are well below that sale price, so I just don’t think it is worth it.

My builder did ask if we were partial to a brand, and I said, “No.” We don’t even need the doors to be wood (more maintenance). Our requirement is that it can be fiberglass or steel and paintable. I’m sure I will be painting these doors at some point.

What is your style of doors?


  1. you having an extra room built for me to move into right? i've said something like that before. (i think) anyway. i love the craftsman doors but don't know that is how my house is either. farmhouse/country. idk. love all your details

    1. Yes! There will be a room for you! Slumber parties once a week. Seriously, remind me to tell you what Rob has said.
      I am drawn to craftsman doors, yet my house style is not that. Even the trim style I like I've been told is craftsman.


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