Monday, October 27, 2014

Our Old House - Update

It’s fun to look back at old pictures of the house.

With all the packing, it did not look this way and I had quickly forgotten.

The new owner has been in the house for 4 months now, and it doesn’t look like our house anymore.

New Owner's Living Room Setup

 Little JCrew’s room is now an office.

I’ve been in there several times and each time, it becomes more and more his.

It doesn’t give me a sad feeling at all. I am happy to provide a home for someone else. I know that the new owner is meticulous and things are well taken care of.

It is fun to see someone else’s style with the same layout. People see things differently.

We had some issues with our BRAND-NEW Dishwasher at the old house, so I had to go over once a week. That's more than I wanted to be over there. I'm ready to let go of this house and move on. The time is getting closer and closer. In the next few weeks we should be getting a date set for closing!

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