Saturday, November 1, 2014

Captain America

For Halloween, the boys dressed as Captain America. It was an easy find at Costco, and it was the only character I could find in a size 3T. I ended up liking that they were the same character, because I think we would have had fights if they were different.

We used those costumes for weeks. The first time to wear them was at our Sunday School Family Costume Party. Mr. Brigglesworth did not want to wear his.

Since it was a family costume party, parents were encouraged to dress up and possible match the entire family. I made our's easy. I bought t-shirts and puffy painted them.

Little JCrew was gifted a Captain America action figure, so I used it as my guide. Then I realized we didn't really match the boys' costumes. We were Captain America's parents!

I put an apron with mine and I wore my costume to work on Thursday for our costume party.

On Wednesday, Little JCrew wore his again to choir. He stayed in character and called everyone by their costume name. Georgia was "Sophia" the entire night.

For actual Halloween, we dressed up and went to Panera Bread for dinner and Publix for games. The boys loved it.

It was REALY cold last night, and since there is a lot of construction going on around the townhouse, not very many of the neighbors had their porch lights on. But we went to one house of my co-worker, MAJ Gillespie. The boys loved it.

We've had a great time dressing up. I'm sure we'll continue wearing them at home.

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