Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

This Christmas has already proved to be a fun one. The boys are at a really cute age, and they over-react to everything!

This was the first year we had Santa visit us. We have always been on the cusp of if we would or not invite him, but Little JCrew came home from school talking about Santa. We figured this would be a great opportunity to teach the kids how to believe in something they cannot see.

We started off Christmas Eve with our tradition of baking Jesus a birthday cake.

This was also the first year I let them completely do it on their own.

All I did was have ingredients measured so they could add them in and mix.

And they LOVED licking the remnants.

I always remember the joy of licking the bowl. Glad I can share the memory.

After we baked the cake, we baked some cookies for Santa. Santa came to the neighborhood at 7:45 riding around on the fire truck. The boys were amazed. We quickly went home to get into bed. If Santa was already in the neighborhood, he was waiting on us to fall asleep.

Little JCrew was first to get up. I almost woke Mr. Brigglesworth up, but he is so grumpy if woken up, so I let Little JCrew explore the gifts Santa brought.

He immediately noticed the new toys set out. We have put a lot of the old toys into storage. Little JCrew's first comment, "What is this?"

And he noted that Santa ate his cookies and drank his eggnog.

There were a lot of "ohhh's" going on. He was so excited.

Mr. Brigglesworth then got up and he made the same noises of excitement.

He definitely noticed that Santa ate the cookies. He kept pointing it out. "He ate them! He ate them!" My little foodie notices those things.

Later in the morning, we Skype'd with Aunty Kerry.

They always ask about the puppies and Uncle Hal, too!

This Christmas was really fun. And we included Dad in it. Starting at Thanksgiving, we lit a candle every evening to remember Dad.

My family and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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