Tuesday, December 30, 2014


With the process of building the new house, I didn't want to forget where I came from. My first house is very special. It was the house Mr. JCrew and I moved into together and raised our family.

I wanted to create a watercolor of our first house and hang it up in the new house. My mom has a wonderful friend in Florida that is an artist. This friend is a special one that was there for her when they both lost children to horrible accidents. It would be really special if she created a watercolor for us.

I inquired for her work, but she was reluctant because of her time availability. I said it was no rush and we'd wait. However, I was browsing on my Pinterest board over Christmas break and found a link to an app called, Waterlogue.

It's not free, but it's cheap. All I'd have to do is upload a photo and it turns it into a watercolor painting ready to print. It gives you over ten options that make the painting exactly how you envision it.

Since Mom is moving in with us, we needed a picture of her first house in Alabama. This house is a special house as well. It's the house my parents bought and made new beginnings in. It's the house my whole family stayed in while taking care of my dad in his final days. And it's the house we are currently living in and creating memories.

I used a different setting for each painting. That's what is neat about the app. The setting I used on one picture, may not be the best setting for the other picture.

I have the digital copies of the pictures ready to print on watercolor paper. I'm excited to print them and hang in the new house. I'll make sure to keep you updated on where in the new house they go.


  1. it is beautiful
    what a fun memory to have

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Blakeley! It's a fun app. I know want to see what a watercolor of the boys would look like.


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