Friday, January 23, 2015

Captain America and His Dog

We are very into dress-up right now. The costumes we had for Halloween are getting used every day.

Little JCrew loves the full ensemble. Mr. Brigglesworth only tolerates the mask as a headband and not on his actual face.

There is also a puppy-dog costume Nana and Boppa sent us that the boys love. They love to pretend they are dogs with or without the costume.

Last night's adventures were about Captain America and his dog, Colby.

They wrestled the evil, Daddy, and the shield was magical.

The boys are not only super heroes,  but doctors. Little JCrew has been to a lot of doctor visits lately. One special office has a treasure chest. At the last appointment, he picked out a doctor kit. We ended up having to go find Mr. Brigglesworth a matching set at the Dollar General. Every chance they get, they are requiring us to have check ups! Little JCrew wouldn't eat his breakfast one morning because he was waiting on his last patient (me) to sit down for my check up. For a whole car ride we had to hear "Dr. Wilks" say his name over and over.

The boys are still very into their dogs and it is sweet to see the affection towards them. Mr. Brigglesworth doesn't shy away from telling them to "go away" or "get down" while Little JCrew loves on them. Dr. Wilks even gives the dogs check ups. Kates just rolls over while Colby hides under the couch.

Mr. Brigglesworth is for sure my lefty and LOVES to color. He takes his time and really tries to stay in the lines.

He likes to color shapes that are smaller. I noticed if he tries to color a shape that is large, he gets a little sloppy.

Little JCrew still bounces between his left and right hand. He doesn't love to color as much as his brother and does quick jobs that are messy. But he made a painting that came home this week that I currently adore.

And watching the boys sleep will never get old. When I see them sleep, they look like babies again. Little JCrew has pretty lips that are not mine, and they are noticeable when he sleeps.

And we can't forget Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! My brother gifted the boys a DVD of the TV series from when we were kids. There are 12 episodes on it and the boys are obsessed! The have the theme song memorized and there is a dance that goes with it. Little JCrew knows each ones name and the weapon associated with them.

Mom says Little JCrew is very much like me. He is bossy and tells people how to do things. He is sensitive if you don't give him an opportunity.

Mr. Brigglesworth is still very whiny. We are trying to kick the habit quick before it lingers into his adulthood. I'm hoping it is just the age. But he is very tolerant with a bossy big brother. He does whatever Little JCrew tells him to do. He also wants whatever Little JCrew has.

We're ready for the weekend!

Taken by Little JCrew. "Mommy, that was a silly face."

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