Sunday, January 25, 2015

Filling in the Foundation

Day 20 the block crew came back out to finish the garage and porches.

It was neat to see it coming together. I've been told numerous times that during phases of construction the house will feel smaller, larger, smaller, etc. When the flags went up, certain areas felt small. When the footers went in, things got bigger. When the blocks went up, things felt small, and now that the gravel is filled in, it feels large.

Mom's Porch
South Wall complete
Front Porch

Back Porch

Day 23 was spent filling the foundation with gravel and starting the rough in plumbing.

Back Porch

Day 21, the framer, plumber and electrician met on site to get on the same page. Luckily, my electrician and plumber have worked together before and get along. I had read that it was important they did. Yay!

Day 21-22 were gorgeous days, but nothing got done. I was waiting on a load of gravel that didn't come until Thursday. The plumber was eager to get started, too.

Day 23, the gravel was delivered and moved into the foundation. The front wall of my mom's room was left open for the tractor to have access.

While they were moving the gravel, they consolidated all the dirt piles into one giant one.

This helped the tractor have less to move around. I liked how it cleared up the front yard.

Next up, rough-in plumbing and electrical.

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