Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Digging the Footings

The weekend was rainy and miserable. It got a little warm on Saturday, but the cold winter we are use to finally set in on Monday.

We took the boys out to the lot while the tractor was there.

They loved it. We even got their shovels out for them to dig their own hole.

On Monday, the ground was too wet to do anything to the lot. The only progress we made that day is having the temporary power pole installed.

Rebar had been delivered on closing day, the 31st.

Starting Tuesday, we are having our Arctic blast. The ground is cold, but we are managing to start digging.

My dream about digging the footings ourselves was somewhat realistic. The guys used twine to paint lines between the flags (just like my dream).

And the long 35 foot straight line I dreamt about was already dug. Thank goodness it is the correct width (my dream had it only 6 inches wide).

Not all the footings are dug. I'd say they are about 1/3 complete. But it's beautiful progress that won't take long.

Soon, we'll be getting out of the ground and we can tell from a distance the walls are going up.

Stay warm, everyone!

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