Saturday, January 10, 2015

Footing Inspection

It took three days total to dig the footings. Those three days were the coldest days we've experienced all year. After Day Two, there was only two sides of the front porch left to do, but the tractor froze from the overnight temperatures (8 degrees F).

While they waited for the day to warm up, Stanley and Anthony laid rebar down into the footers.

They finally got the tractor to start and the front porch was finished.

Front Porch unfinished

Front Porch Finished

I did learn something. On our foundation sketch, it shows what looks to be footings in the middle of the house for load-bearing places. However, it looked like Anthony and Stanley were only digging the outline of the house. They told me the beams inside the house are engineered beams that will be positioned after the gravel is poured. The footers they were digging would only be the outline of the house.

On those cold days of work, the guys made themselves a fire. It was effective! I stood near it and it felt so warm.

Thursday night, the guys stayed out late to put vertical rebar into the footers.

Those were placed methodically and at a measured height. The purpose of the particular height for those pieces is to tell how high to fill with concrete.

On Friday, we had our first inspection. And our pole with our permit went up on the lot. I opened the container to see our permit, and noticed we passed inspection!

Inspection has to take place prior to the first pour of concrete. I looked at the weather forecast and saw rain is coming in Monday and Tuesday. Yet, the weather has been too cold to pour concrete. I thought we were going to be stuck. But, the concrete guys came out at 10AM on Saturday!

We took the boys over there to watch.

They were hard at work.

There were some boards of wood placed in the footers when I had looked the night before.

Now I see what they were meant for. It keeps the concrete in place. And I will later explain why you would want to keep the concrete in place.

The hardest obstacle we knew we'd face, was getting up out of the ground. And the footers are such an important part. This cold weather and rain is hard to plan around. But I think we're going to be good for a while.

Next up, building the foundation walls and filling them with gravel.(Our foundation will be a raised block and fill).

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