Monday, January 12, 2015

Footings Poured and Pinned

Monday has started off rainy, but the weekend was packed with action.

The concrete was delivered on Saturday and the work was completed in 4 hours.

Remember me saying the vertical rebar height served as an indicator of how high to fill the footer with concrete? You can see it poking out in the concrete below.

And the uneven pours of concrete have a money-saving purpose. Because of the grade of the lot, this is an inexpensive way to ensure the foundation is level. It is called "step down the footing." The uneven levels require more or less row of blocks when laying the foundation walls. Otherwise, we would have had to build up forms out of the ground for footers, and that would have proven to be more expensive. We will have six rows of block on the front part of the house, and five rows of block toward the back.

The back porch

On Sunday, our surveyor, Ben, came back out to pin the footings.

The pins go on the corners of the house. This helps with laying of the blocks. Footers are wider for support, but you want to stick with the true corners and layout of the house, and these pins help. The pins are actually nails driven into the footing and then marked with paint. Ben came out on Saturday, but the concrete was still mushy.

At the base of every home are concrete foundation footers. The home’s foundation walls rest on the concrete footings. Concrete foundation footings play a major role in providing the overall strength and integrity of your home. It is vital that the foundation contractor assess the soil type when determining the size of the concrete foundation footers. In addition, concrete foundation footers must be installed below the frost line for your local area.

The main purpose of concrete foundation footers is to spread the weight out of the home’s foundation walls. Typically concrete footings are 2-1/2 to 3 times as wide as the concrete foundation wall thickness.

With all the trucks coming to deliver concrete, it tore up the yard and the street became a mess.

Pretty soon our daily pictures will be more exciting. Right now it just seems to be a game of count how many dirt piles there are today.


  1. i just see a big pile of excitement. I missed some of the other post. progress! loving it


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