Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Waiting Game

The weather is not conducive for building right now. Monday, it rained. Tuesday, it rained. I was hoping for a delivery of blocks... Nothing. But we did have a sign added to our yard.

I uploaded the blurry picture for now to conceal info. Local friends, if you want his info, I'll be happy to provide.

Our builder has a successful storm shelter business. When he came out to the site, he added the sign. Right now we are waiting on the concrete footers to cure properly. The footers are such an important part. It had been freezing temperatures mixed with rain. 

With this building, I have been looking at weather reports constantly. I even liked a local weather guy's tweet because it forecasted 5 straight days of sun and higher than freezing temps. 

It is also so tempting to go home for lunch to check and see who is there and what they are doing. I've already called the plumber, electrician and HVAC guys and they are waiting in the wings. Let's hope block is delivered today!!

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