Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gravel Driveway

Well, our delay is not just a weather delay. The HOA Architectural Review Committee is involved. They want us to provide a sketch of the foundation height.

We are required to have a crawlspace per covenants. We received a waiver because a tiny sliver of our lot is flood zone. Plus, we really wanted a raised slab. The only stipulation they gave, was that the raised slab had to be 36 inches tall and faux vents. This way it would look like a crawlspace. We agreed. So, I don't know why they are asking for a sketch now. It seems clear that we'd build so many courses of block to meet the height requirement.

Hopefully we will get our answer soon. They meet on Wednesday nights.

In the meantime, we had a load of gravel delivered to put down for the driveway. After the concrete trucks made a mess of the yard and street, it was time to put something down to help prevent the mess.

The weather appears to be clearing up and sun is forecasted the next five days. I'm ready to get back to work! And maybe today the gravel will be spread out to resemble a driveway and be of use!

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