Thursday, January 29, 2015

Plumbing Inspection Pre-Slab PASSED!

The plumbing inspector should have come Monday, but he didn’t.

But the plumber did come out and he installed our dryer vents.

Another load of gravel came and so did lumber.

The inspector finally came out on Tuesday and told the plumber the vent in the master bath was two feet too far from where it needed to be. Our plumber then added another vent and called the inspector to come back out.

Tuesday wasn’t a total waste. We worked on getting that gravel load moved inside the house.

We also got orange tic marks added to the blocks.

As of Thursday AM, I had yet to figure out their meaning. But when I went by Thursday evening, I saw that they were indicators for rebar.

Some were in while the others were at least placed in the spot.

On Wednesday, the inspector came back out and we got our approval! Thank goodness!

Now we can finish covering up the pipes with the gravel and the electrician can come run conduit to the kitchen island and two spots in the living room. We plan to have two floor plugs in the living room for flexibility of future furniture arrangements. I like having end tables with lamps on them, but not having a power cord to trip over.

After our electrician runs his conduit, we will need two more inspections (electrical and pre-slab). I really hope the inspector comes out on Friday! If he does, then we can prep the slab with visqueen and have the concrete poured on Saturday! It’s my wishful thinking.Most likely an inspection won't be done until Monday and we will pour concrete on Tuesday.

Progress is good!

Back Porch

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