Sunday, February 1, 2015

Prepping for Concrete Slab - Day 32

After the plumber finished his pre-slab rough-in work, the electrician came to run conduit to the island and two floor outlets in the family room.

Refrigerator water and electric

He was in and out real fast.

Island conduit

The fixtures he put in the gravel stick up and will stick out of the concrete. Then depending on the flooring choice, the tops can be sawed off to accommodate.

The electrician came out Friday morning and the gravel was dug for the bond beams.

Once I know more about bond beams, I will share. I don't know how my builder is handling it, and am anxious to find out, but I do know they are for load-bearing walls.

Each beam is to be 12 inches wide.

Bond Beam Marked but not dug

We are waiting for an inspector to come on Monday before we can get to pouring the concrete. But we also had to rebuild the wall that was used to get all the gravel into the raised foundation. This was done on Saturday.

There is no longer a broken wall.

The gravel that was left outside the wall was sprinkled in low places inside the foundation.

The crew has done a really good job at keeping the site clean. I rarely find things I have to put in the dumpster that they leave behind. And we already have the "plastic" sheeting ready to cover the gravel before the concrete is poured.

Once we have the inspector's approval, we'll get the concrete scheduled and we'll be pumping that foundation! We are all excited to see the walls go up. Once the foundation is poured, I am going to order the windows and exterior doors. Because the framing is estimated to take 4-6 weeks, I have plenty of time to order the windows. Lead time for our windows is about 2 weeks. And they've offered to store them until we are ready for them.

We're ready!

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