Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Interior Framing Has Begun

Monday was Dad's birthday. It was his second to celebrate in Heaven. The day was a quiet one, but so much progress was made on the house.

On Friday, the crew surprised me with framing in a bedroom and closet. On Monday they went to town! They framed the entire first floor! Just look at the difference.

Those are all taken from the same spot. You can't see across the house anymore.

So much lumber was delivered on Monday, that our make-shift driveway was packed.

Going inside, was awesome! It was so neat to walk in and smell lumber.

You couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

Before the guys left for the day, they were walking around with a really large level and bracing the walls they had just set up.

Every day I never want to leave.

With so much done in one day, I was excited to see what they would be doing the next day. Sure enough, they started laying the beams that will create the ceiling.

It really made a difference. You could feel how tall a room was.

Normal beams were laid where there would only be attic space.

I-joists were laid where a second floor would be above.

House framing

There are special LVL beam's that are in the house. They were delivered this morning.

House framing
House framing

It is really so much fun to walk through now.

You can picture things.

My only hope is that we get a roof on this house SOON! Then I won't care what the weather does.

Tomorrow we are getting more snow. I'm excited it should be a lot to play in. We'll just have to wait to see how it impacts the build schedule.

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