Sunday, February 22, 2015

Winter Weather

This weather! My kids didn't go to school all week. Monday was a holiday, Wednesday was delayed (Little JCrew had a CT scan) and Friday was cancelled. (They don't go to school Tuesday or Thursday). They were really wanting to go to school and didn't understand why they couldn't.

Now that we are finished with the ICF, it is time to start framing using wood. Monday it also rained. Our workers did not get out, but we did have lumber delivered.

The rain Monday and the cold temperatures Tuesday, turned the foundation into an ice skating rink. No work could be done in that.

It snowed early Wednesday AM and no work was done on the house then.

But the afternoon temps melted the ice, so I took my broom and swept the water out of the house so it wouldn't freeze again and cause another day of no work.

I don't know what made me drive by Thursday, but I was surprised. I had to go home and get my camera.

Can you tell?

The scaffolding was taken down and the wood on the inside of the windows frames was removed.

It looked so different.

One thing different about the ICF window sills, is because of their depth, your peripheral view is cut down. 

On Friday, snow was predicted but not until the afternoon. It snowed and caused major traffic issues. I was able to get home before getting caught in too bad of traffic. I stopped by the house to see lumber INSIDE the house!

In a short few hours, a bedroom and closet were framed in!

I was so excited! It was BEAUTIFUL!

The snow also made it so pretty.

It snowed the rest of the afternoon and into the night. The next day, the boys and I walked to the house to see the framing. Mr. JCrew hadn't seen it yet. We saw footprints in the snow inside and outside of the house. We had curious neighbors! haha. That was the only good-side the the snow.

The snow was starting to melt in some places and I could see where the walls were marked with red lines. I realized I hadn't noticed because the snow covered it up the day before.

There is no rain forecasted this week, but there MIGHT be snow at 4AM tomorrow. The temp will rise and hopefully work won't be put off too long. If we can get a lot done by Saturday, we will be in good shape. Then it's suppose to rain for three days straight.

I'm glad I had some progress to share. I enjoy the snow, but for many reasons, I'm ready for Spring!


  1. it looks great. so exciting for you guys

    1. I think the snow makes anything pretty. Can't wait to get out in the snow tomorrow!


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